Alien Storm

Description: Alien Storm is classic a Alien Themed Beat ’em up released on the SEGA Genesis in 1990. Aliens are invading earth. The fate of the planet is in the hands of a select few known as the “Alien Busters”. Playing as three characters Karen, Garth, and scooter you’re on a quest to save humanity and take out the alien leaders. This game is slightly horror-themed because these aliens are frightening and the music is creepy.

How To Play: In each level, you’ll fight aliens. Try to attack but avoid being hit. If the game is too hard in the options be sure to set the difficulty to easy. Use the characters special attack when surrounded, and roll to evade.

  • “Enter Key” = Start Game.
  • “Arrow Keys” = Move.
  • “Z” Key = Evade roll.
  • “X” Key = Jump.
  • “S” Key = Attack.
  • To Save Game Progress State Press = [Shift+F2], Load Progress State [Shift+F4], or use Save/Load buttons seen in-menu when scrolling mouse over. You can also modify controls in the in-menu.
  • You can expand the game to fullscreen using the in-menu option.
  • For mobile use onscreen game controls.

Playable Platforms: Play Alien Storm online with almost all Web browsers (Desktop PC and Mobile Phones / Tablets). If you’re playing this game using a mobile device please allow more time for the game to load up. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended.] Video Playthrough:

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