Castlevania Bloodlines

Description: As with most early Castlevania games, players proceed through each level, defeating enemies and collecting gems to power special weapons: the axe, boomerang, and holy water. Each stage is sectioned, and has a sub-boss battle in the middle, with a main boss battle at the end. Some items increase the power of the characters’ weapons. Some portions of the game split into different paths, depending on which character is chosen. John is able to swing past gaps with his whip, whereas Eric must use a different route by performing high jumps by using his spear. ~ Description From Wikipedia.

How To Play: Choose between two characters. John Morris or Eric Lecarde. Each has slightly different main attacks. Battle your way through stages. With enough practice, you’ll figure out when to attack and when to retreat. Collecting special weapons is a must. This game starts off a bit hard if your not used to Castlevania games.

  • “Enter Key” = Start Game.
  • “Arrow Keys” = Move.
  • “Z” Key = Special Attack.
  • “X” Key = Jump.
  • Hold “S” Key = Attack.
  • To Save Game Progress State Press = [Shift+F2], Load Progress State [Shift+F4], or use Save/Load buttons seen in-menu when scrolling mouse over. You can also modify controls in the in-menu.
  • You can expand the game to fullscreen using the in-menu option.
  • For mobile use onscreen game controls.

Playable Platforms: Play Castlevania Bloodlines online with almost all Web browsers (Desktop PC and Mobile Phones / Tablets). If you’re playing this game using a mobile device please allow more time for the game to load up. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended].

Video Playthrough:
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