Super Buddy Kick 2

Description: Super Buddy is back in a part 2 game. This time he is hanging from a noose. Yet again, he is ready for another beating. This time Super Buddy is immortal and able to be killed an infinity amount of times. So get your clicker hand ready because Super buddy can’t wait to be shot, stabbed, blown up, and just beat to a bloody pulp! Have fun!

How To Play Tips: Beat Super Buddy until he is dead. You’ll earn a Kill for it and loads of money. Use the money to buy new weapons. Try to play long enough to buy all weapons in the game.

Controls: Use “Mouse Click” to attack and make selections.

Playable Platforms: Play Super Buddy Kick 2 online with Desktop PC, Mobile Devices, & Chromebook web browsers. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended].

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