Friday The 13th Game

Description: The classic horror game based on the popular 1981 Friday The 13th Movie. At the start of the game, you’ll be able to choose from 6 different camp counselors. To beat the game you’re goal is to find, fight, and defeat Jason Voorhees 3 times.

How To Play?: Jason is powerful he kills counselors quickly. So be sure to track Jason down using the map before he kills all counselors. While traveling around camp crystal lake you’ll encounter other enemies like Zombies. When fighting Jason it’s best to attack and dodge Jason’s attacks. If you manage to light all fireplaces a flashlight and torch will be available to use against Jason.

Developer: Atlus (1989)


  • “Enter Key” = Start Game.
  • “Arrow Keys” = Move.
  • “Z” Key = Jump.
  • “X” Key = Throw deadly star.
  • To Save Game Progress State Press = [Shift+F2], Load Progress State [Shift+F4], or use Save/Load buttons seen in-menu when scrolling mouse over. You can also modify controls in the in-menu.
  • You can expand the game to fullscreen using the in-menu option.
  • For mobile use onscreen game controls.

Playable Platforms: Online on all Web browsers (Desktop PC and Mobile Phones / Tablets). If you’re playing this game using a mobile device please allow more time for the game to load up. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended].

Video Walkthrough:

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