Catacomb 3-D

Description: This is a Horror-Themed dark fantasy game originally released in 1991 for MS-DOS PC’s. It’s a classic First-Person shooter similar to Wolfenstein 3D. As a wizard of magic attacks, You’ll roam around maze labyrinths fighting tiki jungle monsters and other monster-like enemies. While playing you’ll find new powers to test out against enemies.

How To Play Tips: Explore this maze and try to find the exit door. Defeat enemies in your way and find keys to unlock doors.

Controls: “Enter Key” = Make Selections. “Arrow Keys” = Move. “Ctrl Key” = Attack. “Space Bar” = Open Door.

Playable Platforms: Play Catacomb 3-D (DOS) online with Desktop PC, Mobile Devices, & Chromebook web browsers. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended].

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