The Island Of Momo

Description: You were in your bedroom about to fall asleep when something crazy happened. You were transported to a place called The Island Of Momo. Now you need to survive on this island. Luckily guns, ammo, and supplies are here, you just got to search for them. Momo and her minions are after you so be prepared!

How To Play Tips: Try to survive as long as possible. grab guns and shoot Momo and her minions. The longer you survive the harder this game will get.

  • W, A,S,D Keys = Move. Mouse = Aim & shoot. Esc Key = Lock Mouse Cursor. Shift key = Run. Space Bar Key = Jump. E Key = Use & interact with objects.

Playable Platforms: Play The Island Of Momo online with Desktop PC & Chromebook web browsers. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended].

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