Lets Kill Jeff The Killer

Description: Jeff The serial Killer is on a murder rampage spree and needs to be stopped ASAP. Luckily military soldiers have been called in to stop him. In this game, you can play as the bad guy “Jeff The Killer” or the good guy a “soldier”. Each character has their own story. Can you survive this onslaught?

How To Play Tips: Shoot enemies, survive as long as you can, and find the opposing character to kill.

  • W, A,S,D Keys = Move. Mouse = Aim & shoot. Esc Key = Lock Mouse Cursor. Shift key = Run. Space Bar Key = Jump. E Key = Use & interact with objects.

Playable Platforms: Play Lets Kill Jeff The Killer online with Desktop PC, & Chromebook web browsers. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended].

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