Horror Nights

Description: You are a miner trapped in a cave, you have a pickaxe. You need to dig your way out as fast you can. You’re stuck with a bunch of creepy ghosts, bats, and other monsters that want you dead. You must survive 5 nights, but these monsters are going to try their best to distract you from digging. This is a 3D game with multiple areas to manage. It plays like Five Nights At Freddy’s games but is inspired graphically by Minecraft.

How To Play Tips: Manage each area. Your main goal is to keep digging. When alerted respond to areas fast a ward off monsters.

Controls: Use your mouse “click” to make selections (Like digging).

Playable Platforms: Play Horror Nights Story online with Desktop PC, & Chromebook web browsers. [PC Google Chrome Browser Recommended].

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